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The new musical project by Nacho Cano

MALINCHE is the new musical project by Nacho Cano, which premiered in Madrid on September 15, 2022.

Nacho Cano has entrusted the direction of the entire aesthetic concept of the work to Jose Ventura, the head of the costume and characterization department of the musical. 

It narrates one of the most significant historical events to understand our past, comprehend our present, and enrich our future: the birth of mestizaje (racial and cultural mixing). 

With over 200,000 viewers in the first season, MALINCHE THE MUSICAL is crowned as the best musical of 2023 in Madrid.



Malinche is the celebration of the life of an extraordinary woman who navigated between two seemingly opposing worlds and mediated between two cultures on the brink of an inevitable conflict. The union between two worlds, two countries, Mexico and Spain.


Ventura collaborated with Valencian fashion designer Javier Visori to create over 500 stunning outfits that have brought to life spectacular costumes that captivate the imagination and astonish the audience in every performance. 

This tandem of visionary fashion artists has thus created a visual symphony that merges cultures and eras. 

With their genius in costume and characterization, together they have taken the show to new heights, leaving an indelible mark on the stage and in the memory of all spectators.