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"Baile de Bestias" by Jesús Carmona

Ventura works closely with Javier Visori on the costume design of the show

Ventura, along with his colleague, Valencian designer Javier Visori, is responsible for the costume design for "Baile de Bestias" by Jesús Carmona, awarded with 2 Max Awards in 2022 for Best Dance Performance and Best Male Performer.

Director and Choreographer: Jesús Carmona

Dramaturgy: Ferrán Carvajal and Jesús Carmona

Lighting: Luis Perdiguero

Set Design: Emilio Valenzuela

Costumes: José Ventura & Visori

Musical Direction: Manuel Masaedo


This proposal arises from an unconscious but deeply rooted need in the search for human change, leading towards happiness through a constructive phase of full elaboration, the action that leads to non-action. The result is the new work by the dancer Jesús Carmona.


It represents another step for Carmona "towards my most absolute truth, towards a necessarily primal movement," in his own words, accompanied by the multi-instrumentalist and singer Manu Masaedo (creator of the show's music).


With a cutting-edge aesthetic and the essence of orthodox yet modern flamenco.

"Thank you Jesus, it was a pleasure to create with you..."